As we brace ourselves for the chillier (and arguably more hectic) months, it’s essential to remember the important role fitness plays in our everyday lives. Did you know staying active can help you shake the winter blues, improve your mood and even boost your energy level?

Unfortunately, common roadblocks during the holiday season can make it difficult to focus on health and wellness, but we’ve made a list of 10 easy things you can do to stay active if you find yourself stuck inside and unable to make it to the gym.

  1. Resist the temptation to hunker down near the T.V. or computer by making a list of chores to complete around the house. Activities such as vacuuming, washing the dishes, laundry, sweeping and window washing are excellent ways that you and the entire family can stay active.
  2. Beyond the basic chore list, play around with reorganizing the pantry, the garage, a bookshelf or the bedroom. A fresh outlook never hurt anyone. Plus, you’ll get a great workout rearranging your décor.
  3. If you find yourself pacing back and forth, it’s time to start stepping. A go-to exercise when you’re stuck inside is walking or running the stairs. Switch it up by turning your steps into bear walks.
  4. Fitness video games are also a great way for everyone to stay active during the colder months. If you don’t have a gaming console, the Internet has a multitude of dancing workout videos to get you moving to today’s most dance-worthy hits.
  5. Consider investing in a home gym. Having a few key equipment items to maintain your cardio, strength training and flexibility will come in handy and help you stay on track with workouts.
  6. After your four-legged friend has enjoyed the simple joys and freedoms of summer, take some time to train your pooch how to do basic tricks like rolling over, jumping through a hoop or sitting on your back as you attempt a plank hold.
  7. Sitting all day can be a drag, so spice it up by exchanging chairs with stability balls. Whether you’re working, eating dinner or watching a movie, sitting on a stability ball is a great way to engage your core muscles.
  8. Regenerative movements such as stretching, yoga and martial arts are great cross-training activities that compliment more cardio-intense activities like running. Before attempting to do these types of exercises on your own time, make sure to learn proper techniques from pros to avoid injuries.
  9. Another way to get the entire family up and running is with a game of balloon volleyball. Make it a little trickier by only using one arm, your head or just legs.
  10. Ever heard of indoor geocaching? Increase the amount of steps in your day by creating a mini scavenger hunt throughout the entire house. You’ll be walking up and down the stairs, pacing back and forth between rooms and crawling around corners to find the hidden treasure.

For more ideas on how to stay active, check out these three routines to help you get fit at home.

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