Almost every child in the US will eat candy on Halloween, which is the top candy-giving holiday*. While candy may be the highlight for many kids, it doesn’t have to be the focus. Help keep your family healthy by encouraging them to stay active and indulge in non-sweet treats like stickers, balls, jump ropes and hula hoops. Here are five spooktacular outdoor games that will help you and your family have a healthier Halloween:

  1. Broom Race. Set up a spooky race course with a mini graveyard, pumpkin patch and hanging ghosts from trees. Time the kids as they race around the course on brooms.
  2. Halloween Parade. Let the kids show off their costumes with a Halloween parade. Bikes, scooters, wagons and musical instruments are encouraged.
  3. Monster Mash. Host a costume party with a space for the little monsters to dance. They did the mash; they did the monster mash!
  4. Over-and-Under Pumpkin Relay. Divide into two teams of four to eight players each.  Have players spread into single-file lines about arms-length apart. Using a small pumpkin, the first player in line passes the pumpkin over their head to the second player and then the second player passes the pumpkin through their legs to the third player and so forth. When the last player in line gets the pumpkin, they run to the front to start again. The team that returns to their starting positions wins the game!
  5. Halloween Tag. Play as a regular game of tag, but the players have to move like certain characters: cowboy or cowgirl (gallop), scarecrow (skip), rabbit (jump) or zombie (walk).

Keeping your kids active with fun games and limiting the amount of candy your kids consume can help them have a healthier Halloween. For additional ideas, read “Tips to Have a Healthier Halloween.”

*Source: NDA Group, NCA

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