When it comes to common winter activities, I’m sure we’re all  quite familiar with the following scenario. The weather forecast shows bone-chilling temperatures, so we opt to stay indoors and snuggle up to a cozy fire and watch a movie. This is a great way to spend a cold, wintry afternoon, but we should also consider making an effort to brave the frigid weather more often. Spending time indoors can result in prolonged inactivity and even a few unwanted pounds. Don’t let the weather stop you from enjoying the great outdoors. Check out our tips to stay active outdoors this winter so you can enjoy these calorie-blasting and boredom-busting activities.

  1. Snowshoeing.  Snowshoeing is a great low-impact exercise that will build strength, agility, balance and endurance. You can burn 400-1000 calories per hour depending on weight, pace and conditions. You’ll be warmed up and forgetting about the cold in no time.
  2. Ice Skating. Indoor or outdoor, ice skating is a smile-inducing activity for the whole family.  It can also torch some serious calories – anywhere from 250-800 calories per hour depending on weight, pace and how often you fall down! Some communities have skate-a-thons to raise funds for charity. Do good for you and your community! Check out events in your area.
  3. Cross-country skiing. This is a low-impact, aerobic activity that will leave no muscle un-worked. Be prepared to sweat. Cross-country skiing can burn 400-600 calories per hour depending on weight and pace.
  4. Snow-walking. Sure, it’s really just regular walking with snow, but you can still expend 250-800 calories per hour depending on weight, pace and terrain. Make it a family outing so everyone can get some fresh air, sun and fun.
  5. Winter hiking. Head to your favorite park and hit the trails. Enjoy the beauty of winter while scorching 350-600 calories per hour depending on weight, pace and terrain.
  6. Shoveling snow. Okay, maybe not the most enjoyable winter activity. But, somebody has to do it. This is a serious workout burning 400-600 calories in an hour. Save your back and make sure to use your legs when lifting. Click here for more tips on how to safely clear snow from your driveway.

If you prefer to run, here are some tips on how to keep running in the winter months. So, what are you waiting for? Get outside and get moving with these winter activities!

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