While eating ‘green’ often incites thoughts of local or organic produce, we’re talking about eating foods that are green in color. To brighten up your meals, maximize nutrition, and put a spring in your step, add these delicious green foods to your next dinner plate.


These green spears are incredibly low in calories (about 4 calories per spear), an excellent source of folic acid and high in fiber. Asparagus can be blanched (boiled for roughly 2-3 minutes and placed in ice water to cool) and eaten as a snack with hummus or yogurt dip. Use steamed or roasted asparagus as a side to any entrée, or add it to your favorite pasta dish for a fresh, spring taste.


These green florets are bursting with nutrition and fiber, and are low in calories. We love steamed broccoli, but if you haven’t already tried it, try roasted broccoli to bring out a bit of sweetness. Broccoli is a great addition to spring soups and pastas, and can be chopped into chicken or tuna salads for an added crunch.

Honeydew Melon

This green fleshed fruit, along with its orange cousin the cantaloupe, is high in vitamin C and low in natural sugars compared to other fruits. Melons make for a great snack, especially when skewered with cheese cubes, added to yogurt or incorporated into a favorite salsa.


Small but mighty, green peas are loaded with fiber and Vitamin A. Peas are great on their own, but are a welcome addition to stir-fry’s, soups, pilafs and pastas. You can even mash them with avocado to create a low calorie guacamole.


This low-calorie, leafy vegetable is truly marvelous, as it contains several important nutrients like magnesium and iron. You may already use spinach as a base for salad, but have you tried adding it to smoothies, omelets or oatmeal?

Stop by your local Meijer and visit the produce or frozen food section so you can start eating green this spring.

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