A New Year means giving yourself the opportunity to define the new you. Whether your goals have to do with fitness, diet or just general health, half of the journey is committing to improving yourself.

In order to dedicate yourself to a healthy new year, there must be a Mindset Shift in how you perceive the word “diet.” So many of us perpetuate a frustrating cycle of weight gain, intense dieting, and then dropping the healthy choices you made. It’s time to stop thinking about diets as something you begin and end, and to start thinking about them as maintaining a healthy balance of eating habits all year long.

A habit can stick if you make sure to keep it over time, so start slowly by making sure you implement these three tips each and every day:

  • Eat breakfast and drink lots of water. If you’re not already doing either of these things, start now. A morning meal and plenty of hydration jumpstarts your metabolism and keeps your body moving at a healthy pace.
  • Consume 5 cups of colorful, nutrient rich fruits and vegetables per day. Fresh, frozen, canned, dried or 100% fruit or veggie juice all count, but limit the juice to no more than 1 serving a day.
  • Practice portion control. Read labels to determine portion size as even healthier foods can add unwanted calories if consumed in larger quantities.

This year, start practicing Mindful Eating. Yes, that means taking extra time to choose healthy recipes and ingredients. But more importantly, it’s essential to appreciate your meal times, for both the people and the food. Be present when you sit down for dinner. Pay attention to the people around you, but also focus on the tastes and textures of what you’re eating. Allow yourself to enjoy your food instead of simply eating to eat. Also, stop to actually chew your food – chewing slowly keeps you from overeating and allows for a healthier weight. Who actually likes feeling overly stuffed, anyway?

Make eating a positive and rewarding experience with recipes that are deliciously healthy. Try one of our favorite nutritious smoothie recipes:

Strawberries and Cream Smoothie
Serves: 1

1 cup True Goodness by Meijer Organic Original Soy Milk or Unsweetened Cashew milk
1/2 cup True Goodness by Meijer Organic Frozen Strawberries
1 tsp almond butter
1/4 tsp Meijer vanilla extract
1-5 tsp True Goodness by Meijer Organic Honey, agave or True Goodness by Meijer Organic Sugar, if desired


  1. Blend all ingredients until creamy.
  2. Sweeten to taste and enjoy.

Nutrition Information (per serving):  213 Calories, 33 g Carbohydrate, 6.5 g Fat, 0 mg Cholesterol, 7.5 g Protein, 126 mg Sodium, 2 g Fiber

Source: Adapted from Silk

For more ideas on satisfying and healthy meals, keep up with our weekly menus located in the Meal Planning section.

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