At Meijer, Health and Wellness is more than just an idea. It’s a torch we carry, as we continually strive to not only bring the best products to our customers, but to provide them with the knowledge of how to lead a healthy lifestyle as well.

Our Health and Wellness website, More For A Healthier You, was designed to bring the vast knowledge and expertise from our various health experts and employees around the store to the forefront. We created a space where their food, meal planning, fitness and wellness expertise could be shared with all of our customers, because we understand how difficult it can be to balance a healthy lifestyle with a busy life. This platform provides our customers with the opportunity to easily access and utilize everything that Meijer offers to help you be the healthiest you possible.

We’re also continuing to expand our healthy options in store – that includes adding more than 1,000 new health and wellness items and other changes throughout our grocery department.

  • We’re expanding our fresh and packaged organics selection and providing customers with more gluten-free products.
  • We’re expanding the Meijer True Goodness brand to make it simpler and more affordable for everyone to eat delicious, healthier foods. Meijer is proud to offer families more than 500 True Goodness natural and organic products consisting of everything from whole frozen strawberries and orange juice, to tortilla chips and crackers. It’s a series of products for a healthier lifestyle, comprised of more foods as nature intended.
  • We’re offering more fresh, lean meats and seafood at our full service meat counters, complete with certified meat cutters.
  • And finally, our expansive fresh produce department has more than 600+ types of high-quality produce.

Our goal at Meijer is to make living a healthier life easy and affordable for you and your family. Families shouldn’t have to sacrifice value, flavor and nutrition at the expense of convenience. All of those things should be afforded to everyone who walks through the doors of any Meijer store. Most importantly, though, natural, fresh and organic products shouldn’t be a financial burden. They should be affordable and accessible to all of our customers.

The expansion of our fresh food and organic offerings, along with the evolution of our True Goodness line, is merely a continuation of something we’ve always offered customers and is a core value for us.

These changes are important to Meijer and True Goodness is here for you. It’s the natural quality you’ve been searching for at the prices you’ve come to expect from Meijer. In other words, it’s nothing but goodness.

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