Blueberry season has arrived in the Midwest! The little blue dynamos aren’t just healthy—they’re delicious for snacking, adding to cereal, topping off salads, blending into smoothies, baking and for mixing into tasty sauces and salsas. Here are our top 10 reasons for eating blueberries.

  1. Enjoying blueberries is an easy way to increase your intake of health-promoting produce with no fuss—just wash and enjoy!
  2. Eating blueberries boosts your brain power. It improves memory, learning and cognition, and can even reverse age-related memory loss.
  3. Antioxidants in blueberries help to lower blood pressure and increase blood levels of nitric oxide-a substance that helps relax blood vessels.
  4. Upping your blueberry intake can help improve insulin function and improve blood sugar levels for those who have diabetes.
  5. Vitamins and antioxidants in blueberries protect your skin from environmental damage and promotes collagen formation for firmer, youthful skin.
  6. Nutrients in blueberries help reduce inflammation and support joint and bone health. Say goodbye to aches and pains!
  7. Blueberries are an excellent source of fiber, promoting bowel regularity and a healthy balance of probiotic (health-promoting) bacteria in the intestine.
  8. A satisfying one cup serving of blueberries has only 80 calories, helping promote a healthy weight.
  9. Frequently eating blueberries reduces risk for urinary tract infections and lowers your risk for seasonal diseases such as cold and flu.
  10. Blueberries taste great!