At first glance, water doesn’t seem to have much going for it. After all, it doesn’t have any nutrients per se. Still, water is vital to your well-being, regulating body temperature, cushioning joints, and carrying nutrients to the body’s cells.

To tap into water’s many health benefits, plain H2O will do. But infused water – brightened with fruits, vegetables and herbs – takes liquid refreshment to a new level.

Infused water looks fancy, but it only take a few minutes to throw together. Here’s how:

  1. Choose a container, such as a 2-quart mason jar, pitcher or a water bottle.
  2. Select your fruit, either fresh or frozen. Consider lemons, limes and cucumbers, as well as fresh herbs like rosemary and mint (you can even save leftover pineapple skins for infusing water).
  3. Mash up the mixture. Classic combos include mint-lime, blueberry-basil and lemon-raspberry. Feel free to get creative. Place herbs, frozen fruit and fresh lemon or lime in a container and middle the mixture with a wooden spoon to release the flavors.
  4. Top it off. Fill the jar with ice. Then pour water to the top and stir. Tap, filtered or plain sparkling water works. Let the ice melt.
  5. Chill the water. Put a lid on the jar and refrigerate for at least an hour. Time helps intensify the flavors. To serve, strain into a glass and enjoy.

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