A slow cooker can be a lifesaver, especially when our schedules get hectic. From picking our kids up from sports practice to helping them with homework, it can sometimes be challenging to get in the kitchen to cook. One of the wonderful things about this appliance is that you can just fill it with ingredients, set the temperature and forget about it. As we go about our lives, we can come home relieved to know that a delicious home-cooked meal is just minutes away from being on the table. When it comes to shopping for a slow cooker, consider methods for heating the food, the size needed to prepare meals for your family and if you would like a timer feature. Here are some useful things to consider when buying a slow cooker. 

Methods for heating. The basic slow cooker has a low, high and warm temperature setting for heating your food. Some slow cookers on the market can perform multi-step cooking like brown/sauté, roast, bake and steam all in one appliance.

 Slow cooker size. Use this chart to determine the ideal slow cooker size for your family:

Slowcooker Size

Slow cooker timers. Choose a slow cooker that best suits your needs.

  • Classic slow cooker
    • Low, high and warm temperature setting, but no timer.
  • Digital slow cooker
    • Pre-program cooking time, usually in 30 minute intervals, and that automatically switches to warm setting when cooking is complete.
  • Smart Wi-Fi enabled slow cooker
    • Let’s you connect and cook with the flexibility to change settings to meet your schedule
    • Uses free app to:
      • Monitor remaining cooking time
      • Change cooking temperature
      • Adjust cook-time up or down
      • Shift to warm setting
      • Turn off slow cooker

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