The holidays are well upon us, and there’s no better time to be with family and friends. Getting together and showing thanks is what this season is all about – and we can’t forget to be grateful to those who make it happen. To creatively say “thanks for all you do,” here are three gift ideas for your holiday hostess.

  1. Peanut butter chocolate spoons

For a guilt-free snack to treat your hostess with the mostess, try these easy-to-make peanut butter chocolate spoons. They won’t make a mess and add to clean-up duty, and they’re the perfect sweet bite to end a dinner with friends.

  1. Wine (with a twist!)

A bottle of wine is a standard hostess gift, so spice it up this year by turning it into a craft. Whether you fill it up with Christmas lights or paint it like a snowman, your friends will love this unique and thoughtful “thank you!”

  1. DIY shower scrub

After planning and hosting a successful holiday party, there’s no doubt your hostess will need to relax! A homemade shower scrub is a great personal touch – plus, it’s inexpensive (since all you need is in your cupboards). Grab a rustic mason jar from your local Meijer store; then fill it with sugar, coconut oil and extracts. Pumpkin spice is perfect for this time of year!

Whether you’re invited to one party or 10, always remember to thank your host for all they do. You can find almost everything you need to put together these gifts at your local Meijer store. 

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