Travel, whether for work or pleasure, can derail our healthy eating habits. Especially in the summer time, you may have a vacation or cabin weekend or other trip planned for you and your family. It’s important to stay energized by eating foods that will make you feel your best while traveling and keep your energy levels high.

Here are a few ways to keep on track:

  1. Get a better breakfast. Skip the hotel buffet or the drive-through and opt for a healthier breakfast. When you arrive or before you go, stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables, all natural fruits and energy-sustaining granola bars.
  2. Stay hydrated. Without plenty of water, our bodies may get fatigued and our brains may get foggy. Take along a bag of lemon slices to add to your water to boost its flavor and add vitamin C and potassium.
  3. Snack smart. Bring an assortment of healthy snacks: nuts, calcium-rich string cheese, whole grain crackers and bananas. Or mix and match your own bags of trail mix with combinations of dried fruit and nuts. For example, try a simple and sweet mix with almonds, ground cinnamon, sea salt, dark chocolate chips and dried cherries.
  4. Dine in. Renting a vacation condo for the family? Take advantage of the kitchen, and plan healthy, budget-friendly lunches and dinners in instead of eating out every day.
  5. Be mindful. As we’re rushing to catch a flight or driving for a few hours, we tend to grab something quick to eat without really thinking about it. Pay attention to your choices. Splurge once in a while (you’re on vacation!)but make healthy options your go-to, even when you’re away.

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