Even though spring break is a fun and relaxing escape from your everyday routine, your family’s well-being should still be top of mind, especially when traveling far from home. When packing those suitcases with swimsuits and beach towels, make sure to bring along some helpful tips for keeping your family healthy and safe while on vacation.

  1. Travel Preparedness. Be aware of vaccine requirements at your destination. Some trips may require immunizations against hepatitis, meningitis, shingles, and other diseases. You can check with your national certified Meijer immunizing pharmacist about protecting your family. Also, make sure that all medication and insurance cards are up-to-date and on-hand before taking off.
  2. Eat Healthy. While you indulge a little, don’t forget to eat healthy. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water, tea and 100% fruit juice. Eat at as many fruits and vegetables as you can and opt for yogurt, sandwiches with whole grain bread, and snack bars that are high in fiber and protein rather than sugary and salty foods.
  3. Be Active. Instead of lounging all day, find physical activities for your family to do together. These could include taking a walk or a hike, swimming or skiing.
  4. Sun Safety. If your vacation includes fun in the sun, make sure your family is protected against harmful UV-rays with sunscreen for every type of activity. You can also protect your skin by wearing hats, sunglasses and dark clothing.
  5. Relief. If you end up with a sunburn, take action during the first 24 hours by using a cool compress or taking a cool bath. If you don’t experience any blistering after 24 hours, apply skin protectants and oral antihistamines to help relieve itching, and take anti-inflammatory drugs for pain relief.

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