As you prepare for the back to school season with pencils, notebooks and rulers, don’t forget about your child’s vision. According to the American Optometric Association (AOA), 50 percent of school-aged children have not had an eye examination and one in four have a vision problem. And here’s another interesting statistic: 80 percent of what children learn in their first 12 years is accomplished by using their vision. Before your child heads back into the classroom, consider making eye exams a priority with the following information.

Schedule an Eye Exam

Annual eye exams are important for every member of your family but especially important for young children as they head into the new school year. Left undetected and untreated, these childhood vision problems can lead to permanent vision loss.  For school-aged children, the AOA recommends an eye examination every two years unless a vision correction or occular health issues has been detected. Always follow your eye doctor’s recommendations.

Add it to your Routine

Children very well may not know that they have a vision problem because the world has always looked that way to them. While many schools provide eye health screenings, studies by the AOA have shown that vision screenings miss identifying vision problems in as many as 60 percent percent of children. Scheduling an annual comprehensive eye examination is critical to help them start the school year on the right track.

Eye Exams are Fast, Fun and Informative!

From testing how they see different shapes and colors to using charts with pictures and patterns, there is nothing scary about an eye exam. The optometrist will explain each step of the examination process to you and your child by doing a ‘show and tell’ of the equipment being used, what they will experience during its use and its function prior to beginning the actual examination.

Kids’ Eyewear

It’s important that children’s eyewear be sturdy and durable. Kid’s frames should not merely be scaled down versions of adult frames. Meijer’s selection of children’s frames offer vivid colors and cool styling to make them fun for your child to wear, while offering parents the peace of mind that they are constructed of light weight, durable and safe materials that are non-toxic and free from sharp edges.

Lenses for children should also be durable, manufactured in an impact resistant lens material.  Meijer Optical is proud to offer Carl Zeiss polycarbonate lenses for children, which is designed with the latest in lens technology to be virtually shatterproof and 10 times more impact resistant than regular plastic lenses. And since kids tend to spend a lot of time outsides, we also recommend SolarACTIV Self Tinting Lenses that change from clear indoors to a sunglass tint outdoors. These lenses will protect your child’s young eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays while still looking cool.

For more information or to book an eye exam for any member of your family visit www.meijeroptical.com or your local Meijer Optical center.

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