In a mailbox full of bills and junk mail, a personal note or card from someone special can be powerful. Even in this digital age, it’s important to remember the many benefits of sending and receiving handwritten notes.

Emotional well-being. Sending and receiving handwritten letters and cards makes both sender and receiver feel good by engaging a variety of senses including touch, the aroma of the paper and vision. These positive sensations also help reduce stress and improve mood.

Handwriting sparks creativity. The use of words and style of writing engages the creative side of your brain. Handwriting also improves fine motor skills which may help improve other types of artistic endeavors. Try a fun and creative foodie perspective by writing down and sharing one of your favorite recipes (maybe Grandma’s cannoli recipe) to include with a card or letter.

They honor tradition. For generations, we’ve communicated with handwritten notes from letters home from college or military service, to wish lists for Santa Claus. Before technology, it’s how people shared snapshots of their live. Technology may increase efficiency, but handwritten notes are timeless and serve as a tangible contribution to the scrapbook of our lives.

Digital downtime. Get a much needed break from screen-time by sitting down to write a note or send a card to a special someone. While doing so, for that moment you are completely in the present focusing on the art of writing.

Brain science. Writing and reading activate the memory and literacy areas of the brain. Studies demonstrate that writing longhand improves memory, cognition, improves attention to detail and enhances learning at all ages.

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