Spring has arrived! Aside from the warmer temperatures and impending blooms, there’s spring cleaning. It’s the annual rite that helps us reset for the rest of the year. While you scrub the windows and reorganize the closet, don’t forget about your beauty drawer. As much as we love our favorite products, there are expiration dates that sometimes get overlooked. And some of the expired creams or lipsticks could be doing more harm than good to your skin.

This spring, check your beauty supplies and consider refreshing these items:

  • Cosmetics: Unfortunately, cosmetic products are usually the ones with the shortest expiration times. If you’re wondering how long to keep different types of makeup, check out this blog post on when to throw it away. Generally, anything liquid or cream based shouldn’t last longer than a year. Lipsticks and powders are good for a year and a half. And mascara should be refreshed every three-four months.
  • Nail Care: After a day of spring cleaning, you deserve a manicure. Before you reach for your favorite color, your nail polish collection will need some TLC. It may be hard to part with last year’s spring shades, but polish only lasts for about a year before it starts to separate or fade.
  • Make-up Brushes: Over time, your brushes build up a layer of old makeup and dead skin cells (yuck). Even though they’ll need to be cleaned consistently throughout the year, take this time to specifically deep clean your daily brushes. For a DIY clean, rinse brushes under lukewarm water before cleaning them in a solution of water and shampoo. After a final rinse, it’s important to let each brush dry completely before using again.
  • Moisturizer: As long as your moisturizer is capped or in a tube, it can be used until it’s gone. However, with the change of the weather, re-stock with something lighter for spring. Your skin won’t need a heavy moisturizer like it did for winter. Also consider grabbing something with at least 15 SPF to block the sun’s harmful rays all season long. Moisturizers with SPF have an average shelf life of approximately three years. Make sure to look for an expiration date on the bottle as well.
  • Medicines: The turn of the season often brings colds and/or allergies. Be prepared by tossing out expired meds and stock your cabinet with essentials, such as cough drops, cold syrup, allergy medication and vitamins.

Your beauty drawer needs spring cleaning more than most, especially since it’s used every single day. Refresh your day-to-day products with new, clean and spring-ready items to prepare for the sunshine and warm weather.

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