Congrats, you made it through the holidays in one piece. Though seeing your family happy is a joy in and of itself, taking some me-time is essential to slowing your body down and getting your mind back up to speed. Starting a stress-free year begins with unwinding after the holiday season.

  • Give the gift of uninterrupted time to yourself by leaving your phone on the counter and going outside. Walk, run or cross-country ski to let your mind wander in the crisp winter air.
  • A surefire way to find inner relaxation is to dress for it. Comfy clothes such as yoga pants, oversized sweaters and fuzzy socks are perfect for that cozy day spent at home.
  • If you have a furry friend, make sure to spend some quality time with him or her. Play fetch, rub a belly or simply cuddle on the couch. Interacting with animals is shown to be therapeutic and rejuvenating.
  • Embrace the crisp calm that is mint tea. It’s a perfect replacement for sugary desserts at the end of your meals, and mint provides a caffeine-free feeling of freshness.
  • Enjoy a day at the spa without the price tag it usually entails. Here are some ideas to get your DIY spa started:
    • Glaze your face with a homemade edible mud mask. Ingredients like Greek yogurt, honey, lemon juice and cocoa all have intrinsic health benefits for your skin.
    • Nourish your hair with an easy-to-make hair rinse. After cleansing your hair in the shower, apply a mixture of 1 cup water, 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar, 1 tsp honey and 5 drops of rosemary oil. Massaging the blend before a final rinse can boost glossiness and luster in your strands.
    • Create your own foot scrub: Simply combine two tablespoons of olive oil and a few drops of tea tree oil in a bowl before mixing in a few crushed mint leaves. Then apply the scrub to your feet and massage gently. The oils are great for cracked skin, but you may also add a handful of sea salt to exfoliate.

While we love everything on this list, make sure to include your own personal ways of unwinding, whether it’s making time for a hobby or re-reading a favorite book. Get in touch with what makes you, you, and do whatever relaxes you the most in order to start off your year stress-free.

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